Geelong DJ Sound is license with PPCA

This License covers the playing of protected sound recordings by:
(a) Mobile DJs; and/or

(b) any person who is using a Mobile DJ Unit supplied
by the PPCA licence holder.

In this License:
“Mobile DJ” refers to a DJ who is performing at a venue that does not otherwise
require a PPCA licence (i.e. in circumstances that are not covered by any other Tariff),
regardless of whose equipment the DJ is using (his or her own, the venue’s or a Mobile DJ Unit).

“Mobile DJ Unit” refers to equipment that a DJ may need to
perform at a venue that does not supply its own equipment.
This may include turntables, CD players, digital music storage devices, mixers, amplifiers
and speakers. Some of this equipment is referred to in the industry as a “deck”.

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